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Rule of Thumb Pump Sizing for CNC Router Tables

As a general industry standard, when matching the right pump to the table size, 5.5 CFM per square foot of surface area is required for nested base or spoil board tables. Pod and Rail tables utilize small suction cups and, therefore, require much less flow and usually use just one size pump.


Table Size Square Feet CFM Becker Pump Becker Duplex System CFM
4’ x 8’ 32 176 VTLF 2.250 DS 250 W 352
5’ x 10’ 50 275 VTLF 2.400 DS 250 W 352
5’ x 12’ 60 330 VTLF 2.500 DS 250 W 352
5’ x 20’ 100 550 DS 500 W 706
Pod and Rail 12 66 KVT 3.100

(This sizing chart is for estimating purposes and a trained Becker Representative should be consulted to match the correct pump to your specific table. All calculations are based on sea level applications.)


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