Vacuum Pumps

Busch RA0400.C406.CKXG Pump 15HP Motor (P/N 1111.928.701)


  • P/N 1111.928.701
  • RA0400.C406.CKXG Pump with 5HP Motor

Busch R5 model RA0400.C406.CKXG vacuum pump featuring:

  • Single stage, oil sealed, rotary vane design
  • 15 HP NEMA motor 230/460 volt, 60 hertz, 3 phase, NEMA electric motor
  • With gasballast in B-side cover plate
    Integral, fully recirculating, air cooled oil system
    Integral oil mist elimination exhaust system
    Non-return valve and screen on inlet
    305 nominal pumping speed, and 0.075 Torr continuous ultimate
    pressure (with gas ballast closed)
    Viton O-rings and seals
    Vibration Isolators
    Factory assembled and tested

We guarantee all parts are genuine Busch Vacuum Pumps parts and carry the OEM warranty.


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