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Powerex, Inc. SES0508 5HP Air Compressor Oilless Scroll Pump (P/N SES0508 HP)


  • P/N SES0508 HP
  • 5HP Air Compressor Oilless Scroll Pump
  • Capacity (CFM) @ 100/125 PSI   –   12.5 SCFM @ 145 PSI
  • Operating Pressure (PSI) – 115-145 PSI
  • Controls   –   Start/Stop
  • The Powerex Oilless Rotary Scroll Air Compressor has advanced scroll compressor technology through the development of a completely oilless unit.
  • The Powerex Scroll Compressor offers a dynamically balanced air end which insures vibration-free operation.
  • The rotary design permits a continuous 100% duty cycle. No oil separation, oil filtration, or inlet valves are required on the Powerex Scroll air compressor.
  • The Powerex oilless rotary scroll air compressor is based on the theory of scroll compression.
  • Spec Sheet SES 3-5.pdf
  • Brochure SES 3-5.pdf

We guarantee all items are genuine Powerex Compressors and parts and carry the OEM warranty.


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