Wareham Property Group - 804 Heinz Avenue Laboratory Upgrades


AES Group, Inc. provided and installed a New Dekker Laboratory Vacuum System and a New Powerex Laboratory Air System for a life science research facility, located at 804 Heinz Avenue in Berkeley, CA.


Scope of Work:

AES Group, Inc. coordinated and provided the following:

Mechanical, electrical and structural installation of a new Dekker laboratory vacuum System.

  • (N) Dekker VMX0103M vacuum pump, 90 ACFM @ 26″ HGVAC
  • Structural: (N) Pipe supports as required for both suction and discharge. Rig, set, and anchor (N) laboratory vacuum system
  • Demo and remove (E) concrete equipment pad and level concrete surface.
  • Above deck penetrations and ceiling
  • Plumbing installation:
  • (N) Piping includes:   Complete 2″ suction POC above ceiling, route (N) 2″ suction piping to building 820 to complete POC below (N) Exhaust/discharge POC thru (E) wall. Core drill as required.  Connecting the (N) 3″ vacuum exhaust to the (2) (E) 2″ copper pipes. Connecting 2 ½” vac piping to 2″  vac main above ceiling in interstitial space. Provide (N) 2″ vac piping to adjacent building 820 Heinz. Piping across roof using manufactured roof blocks approx. 70′ of piping.
  • Seismic flex connector between building
  • Core drill.

AES Group, Inc. provided and installed a new Powerex duplex 5HP oil-less scroll laboratory air system.

  • (N) AES-Powerex AES-MTSD0503, duplex SHP oil-less scroll laboratory air system per specification.