Dekker Vacuum Technologies Separator Element (P/N 6300-1620-002)


  • Dekker Vacuum Technologies
  • (P/N 6300-1620-002)
  • SEP ELEMENT 450-550 CFM VMAX25-40SPC



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  • Dekker Vacuum Technologies coalescing filter element provides the highest level of filtration with a minimum loss of pressure.
  • Replace this filter every 10k hours, in order to maintain performance, per factory maintenance schedules.

We guarantee all parts are genuine Dekker Vacuum Technologies parts and carry the OEM warranty.

  • AES Group, Inc. offers Planned Maintenance Programs as well as Corrective Maintenance to keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Scheduled maintenance pays off in several ways:
  • -Running time is optimized
  • -Expensive down time is reduced
  • -Cost of expensive repairs is greatly reduced
  • -System performance is continuous and predictable

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