Solberg Medical Vacuum Filter HV Series, 2" (P/N HV-UL850/1-200C)



Medical Vacuum Filter HV Series, 2″

(P/N HV-UL850/1-200C)



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Solberg Medical Vacuum Filter HV Series, 2″


  • ULPA – UL media – 99.97% @ 0.1 micron; Low air to media ratio minimized pressure loss for optimal pump performance; High dirt holding capacity
  • Brass valve and fittings for contaminated liquid release
  • Easy removable & serviceable sterilizable glass flask
  • Corrosive resistant cast aluminum head w/integrated baffle
  • “E.R” pressure drop indicator gauge; this “Easy Read” gauge provides color coordinated pressure drop readings
  • Bucket made from shatter resistant polycarbonate
  • Flow rating listed is based on rarified air flow @ 370 mBar (A)
  • Biohazard label included
  • Designed specifically for use in laboratory and hospital work area environments
  • Vacuum Rating: Medium vacuum service
  • Vacuum Pumps & Vacuum Systems

HV Series Data Sheet

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