BeaconMedaes Medical Air Dryer Upgrade Project


Highlighting a recent installation project of a BeaconMedaes Medical Air Dryer.


(N) Medical Air Dryer Installation:

  • Provide and Install (N) Medical Air Dryer including:
    • (1) (N) BeaconMedaes Duplex Desiccant Medical Air Dryer Model:LDD055D-DR Lifeline Dryer
      • BeaconMedaes P/N 410700652
      • 55 CFM with Dewpoint Monitor for Purge Control, NO CO Monitor (E) to Remain
      • Single Point Connections
      • Pre-piped and Wired Dewpoint Sensor with Remote Contacts
      • Duplex Drying System with Purge Controlled Desiccant Dryers with Mounted Prefilters, Afterfilters, Regulators, Isolation Valves to Permit Uninterrupted PM Service, Safety Relief Valves and Air Sample Port.
    • Rigging Temporary Equipment.
      • Seismic Anchorage per Structural Details
      • Provide and Install (N) 3/8”x1’-6”x2’ ASTM A572 GR 50 Steel Plate per Structural Details S1
        • Paint to Match Existing
      • Plan and Schedule Medical Air System Shutdown with Engineering and CMT. MOP Required.
      • Electrical:
        • (N) Medical Air Dryer Power Fed from Panel EXPH per Drawing E0
          • Disconnect (E) Temporary Medical Air Dryer and Reconnect (N) Medical Air Dryer “Use Appliance Cords Furnished with Equipment”. (N) Conduit and Wire as Required
        • Medical Gas Alarm Signal Wire and Conduit as Required.
      • Plumbing:
        • (N) Medical Air Dryer POC.
          • ¾” Temporary Medical Air System Interconnecting Piping between (E) ¾” Receiver Inlet POC to (N) Temporary Medical Air Dryer.
          • ¾” Temporary Medical Air Dryer Discharge POC to (E) Receiver.
          • ½” Drain Line
          • Reroute (E) 2” MA Piping and Flex Connector
        • Startup (AES) and System Certification provided by CMT.

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