Project Highlight – Stanford University School of Medicine Fairchild Laboratory Vacuum System Installation


Installation of a (N) Dekker Laboratory Vacuum System with Solber HV Series Inlet Filtration.

Equipment Information:

AES-Dekker Laboratory Vacuum System Model AES-VMX0083MA2-00-DS

  • (2) Dekker Titan single stage 5.5HP liquid ring vacuum pump skids.
  • Capacity each vacuum pump 21.92 SCFM @ 21”HGVAC *Note the liquid ring technology may have a slight variance in CFM due to close tolerances between the vacuum pump impeller and vacuum pump body.
  • Oil is Not used as a lubricant
  • System Components Include:
    • (2) TEFC Electric motors, 230/460 Volt, 3 Phase, Premium Efficiency.
    • (2) Patented DX5 Discharge Separator-Reservoirs with 5 Stage Air/Oil Separation, Including Coalescing Filter.
    • (2) Seal Fluid Isolation Valves
    • (2) Y-Strainers
    • (2) Seal Fluid Line Check Valves
    • (2) Separator Drain Valves
    • (2) Separator Sight Level Gauges
    • (2) Temperature RTD for Discharge Temperature Indication and High Temperature Protection.
    • (2) High/Low Oil Level Switches
    • (2) Air-Cooled, Heat Exchanger Packages with Main Motor Driven Fan and Fan Guard.
    • (2) Inlet Check Valves
    • Inlet Manifold Including:
      • (2) Inlet Isolation Valves
      • (2) Inlet Flex Connectors
      • Manifold Piping
    • Discharge Manifold Including:
      • (2) Individual Pump Drip Legs
      • (2) Discharge Check Valves
      • (2) Discharge Flex Connectors
      • Manifold Piping
    • (2) Sets of Hydraulic Hose Seal Fluid Line.
    • (2) Inlet Filters
    • (2) Vacuum Relief Valves
  • Vacuum Receiver
    • (1) Horizontal Grasshopper Tank Vacuum Receiver 120 Gallon
    • (1) Receiver Sight Level Gauge
    • (1) Receiver Drain Valve
  • Electrical:
    •  (1) Duplex ControlDEK Control Panel
      • Monitors, measures, and displays performance
      • Identifies maintenance and fault conditions, prevents downtime, and preserves system quality.
      • Standard 460V, 3 Phase, 60Hz (NEMA12, CUL Listed
      • Custom PLC with 4.3” Color Touchscreen LCD with integral hour meter
      • Across-line Magnetic Vacuum Pump Starter with 3 Phase Overload Protection
      • RTD for discharge temperature indication and high temperature protection
      • Vacuum On/Off capability with adjustable set points
      • Vacuum transducer, for vacuum level indication
      • Pressure transducer, for back pressure indication
      • 24V Power Supply
  • Solberg HV Series Filter UL850/1-200C (Shipped Loose for Field Installation)

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