We strive for excellence as a customer-driven sales, construction and service resource…


That is our mission statement here at AES Group, Inc. and we do our best to maintain excellence in all we do.

AES Group not only sells equipment systems & parts (check out our shop) and full range of services for equipment, but we also provide construction services.

Recently we completed Phase 1 Installation for shelving replacements, in a central supply and receiving room, at a local Sonoma County Hospital.

The scope of work consisted of removal of 37 existing shelving units and installation of 52 new shelving units as well as 248 wedge anchors.

AES teams, whether construction or service, pride themselves in maintaining safe, clean work environments, follow all OSHPD requirements and get the projects done per plan in a timely matter. We think of every opportunity as an audition for future work, so striving for excellence is our goal, to gain repeat customers.

 Take a look at our Projects Page for all the various projects and scopes of work AES Group has successfully completed. Contact us for any service needs you may have and our online shop also offers full lines of medical and industrial vacuum and air equipment.

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