Cat Herders Day was yesterday…


Tuesday, December 15th was Cat Herders Day.  At some point, we have all been in the position to attempt to complete a seemingly impossible task, a project that is a continual up-hill battle or some activity that is like “herding cats”.

Unfortunately there are no cowboys or cowgirls out rounding up cats or professional herders for hire, but AES Group has the professionals that can help you keep your equipment running smoothly and impossible tasks, possible.

Our Service Department can set up maintenance programs, to help maintain equipment and systems, and handle factory recommended schedules/services.

Especially with events of the past year, we’ve all had moments of frustration or being overwhelmed, so let us help keep your facilities maintained and problem free. We all have our “cats” to herd, but AES is working hard at finding new and innovative ways to help you keep those pesky felines in line!


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