Dekker Oil-Sealed Liquid Ring VMAX with Solberg Inlet Filtration


AES Group, Inc. offers many options for Planned or Emergency, temporary medical and laboratory vacuum pumps and systems. Our  service and construction teams are experienced in providing the required support to get our customers systems up and operating.

We recently had an opportunity to put our team to the test, mobilizing and installing a temporary Dekker oil-sealed liquid ring VMX0103MA1-00 vacuum system with Solberg HV Series inlet filtration.

The Dekker oil-sealed liquid ring technology offers a high level of reliability due to the technologies ability to handle minimal amounts of soft solid and liquid carryover without damaging internal pump components. Solberg HV Series bacterial filters achieve greater than 99.995% total retention rate, offering a very high level of protection in laboratory and medical applications. The Solberg HV Series also meets NFPA99 requirements for vacuum filtration.

AES Group looks forward to our next opportunity, to work with you and your team,  providing medical and laboratory vacuum system solutions.

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