Global Handwashing Day is Friday, October 15th….


Did you know in 2008 the Global Handwashing Partnership established this campaign to motivate people to improve their hand washing habits?

Who knew? But, in these times of Covid-19, we all know the importance of handwashing. Here at AES Group, we take safety precautions very seriously, as well as the health of our customers and employees.

Even before this pandemic, we utilized safety measures in all aspects of our business. From Construction Safety Meetings, Illness Prevention Programs, to Operation and Safety Procedures & Precautions in our Service Department. Now with Covid-19, to minimize exposure to hazards, our employees are always equipped with PPE supplies and wear masks and gloves at all times.

When it comes to prevention, AES Group believes it is the key to keep equipment and systems running smoothly, but we also know it keeps us all safe and healthy too. Keep washing those hands and enjoy the day!

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