July 13th is International Rock Day…


International Rock Day was created so that people all around the world can learn more about rocks.  After all, rocks play a big role in the environment, and they have been used by humans for many purposes over the years and critical to the survival of mankind. Since the Stone Age, rocks have been important for use as weapons and tools. The metals and minerals that have been found in rocks are critical to human civilization.

These minerals are also critical when it comes to maintaining the equipment AES Group services and keeping systems running smoothly and efficiently.

Desiccants, found in Medical Air Dryers, range from silica (one of the most common minerals found), activated charcoal, calcium chloride and calcium sulfate. Not to mention all the tools we use, to actually do the service, thanks to metals!

The 13th of July has been a celebration for my family, being my son’s birthday (who happens to be a Geology Major), but now we can all celebrate the importance of rocks… instead of kicking them, skipping them, stacking them or throwing them – lets appreciate them!



*AES Group offers preventative maintenance programs that are created for your specific systems/equipment and the needs of your facility. We also perform repairs/rebuilds, troubleshooting and emergency site visits. AES provides service reports, for easy access of system information and any service or repair completed on your equipment. (example AES Service Report).

We also have O&M Manuals (example RVL051H O&M Manual) and parts break downs (example RVL051H Maintenance Parts) to help you find the recommended parts needed for maintaining your equipment. We carry a variety of brands and parts in our  Shop, if you don’t see what you need, let us know and we will find it for you.




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