Laboratory Vacuum System – Solberg Inlet Filtration


Our customer, who has been a proud partner of AES Group since our inception in 1997, provides world class facilities for science, research and technology trail blazers.

AES Group Inc. installed a Solberg STS Series “See Through Liquid Separator” to minimize the likelihood of damage to vacuum pump from liquid carryover on a Dekker Oil-Sealed Laboratory Vacuum System installed in 2002. We also replaced the existing 5 micron inlet filer with a Solberg ULPA (Ultra Low Particulate Air), tested and verified to meet EN1822-1 filter class H14 requirements.

The Dekker Oil-Sealed Liquid Ring Laboratory Vacuum System, offers features and benefits that make it the most reliable laboratory vacuum system.

  • Continuous operation over the full vacuum range.
  • Carry-over of soft solids and/or minimal amounts of liquid does not cause damage to internal vacuum pump components.
  • Extremely low operating noise level.
  • Patented, high efficiency DX-5 separator eliminates oil carry-over concerns.

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