Medical WAGD Vacuum System Collaboration and Installation…


AES Group, Inc, and a local Northern California Hospital’s engineering team recently collaborated on a comprehensive medical vacuum system solution that provides the hospital the reliability they desire. Our collaborative approach allowed discussions and reviews of the features and benefits of different medical vacuum technology options and the hospital chose the following systems:

 AES-Dekker VMAX Oil-Sealed Liquid Ring Technology with VFD Controls for the main medical-surgical vacuum system.

  • Overall reliability of the liquid technology.
  • VFD Controls will result in lower power consumption and optimize system performance.
  • Extremely low operating noise allows for a more desirable work environment.
  • Low operating temperatures.
  • Air-cooled design.
  • Extended seal fluid life. Oil is not used as a lubricant.

AES-Powerex “Claw” technology for its dedicated waste anesthesia gas system.

  • Powerex’s Premium NFPA HMI Control Panels with BacNet Communication Protocol.
  • VFD Pump Control.
  • Oxygen Assured Vacuum Pumps.
  • Powerex’s Sales and Service Team Approach.


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