(N) Beaconmedaes Medical Air System Replacement – OSHPD Project


AES Group, Inc. installation of a (N) Beaconmedaes Medical Air System at  a local Bay Area Medical Center.

This project included installation of a temporary medical air system, while demolition and removal of existing system was completed.

Rigging and seismic  anchorage of the new Beaconmedaes Medical Air System and Control Panel, a SAS 10Q-200V-QCDZ Quadruplex 10HP Lifeline Medical Air Single Point Connection System, was per OSPHD approved plans.

AES provided plumbing, electrical POC’s, conduit and wiring between (N) medical air system and (N) medical air system control panel, as well as start up and coordination of IOR and Medical Gas System verification/certification inspections as required. OSHPD closeout at completion of project.

Just another example of the many medical air systems, throughout Northern California Hospitals and Facilities, AES Group has installed and successfully completed. We are confident, in our knowledge and experience, to offer solutions you may need with new installations, preventative maintenance or emergency situations.

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