O&M’s, Parts Breakdowns and Spec Sheets… Oh my!


It never fails, when you need them the most, manuals seem to disappear. Don’t dismay, have no fear, AES Group is here and we can provide those missing O&M Manuals and reference documents.

 In our Shop , for the parts and equipment listed, we offer all available information. We can also find most manuals and parts breakdowns, specific to your equipment/systems, whether it be from Becker, Busch, Dekker, Powerex, Solberg, Travaini, etc.

Reach out to us via email at [email protected] or visit our website and hit the chat button in the bottom corner, that’s me with my sidekick Guinness the Frenchie. I will do my best to track down the paperwork you need or get the answers to your questions.

Let us help you keep your files and equipment up to date.


*We offer preventative maintenance programs that are created for your specific systems/equipment and the needs of your facility. We also perform repairs/rebuilds, troubleshooting and emergency site visits. AES provides service reports, for easy access of system information and any service or repair completed on your equipment. (example AES Service Report).

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