Project Highlight – Stanford School of Medicine Beckman Mechanical Room Laboratory Air System Replacement


Another completed project by our awesome AES Group team.

  • Provide and Install Temporary Laboratory Air Compressor System:
    • Powerex System Model MSET2006-SPL: Triplex 20HP Enclosed Scroll w/Desiccant Dryer System
    • 183 SCFM @ 100 PSIG
    • Rig and set temporary laboratory air compressor system.
    • Provide and install temporary breaker in spare bucket/breaker location in Panel BA.
    • Complete electrical POC
    • Complete plumbing POC
      • Install both temporary and (N) laboratory air system isolation valves.
    • Startup and Test temporary laboratory air system.
  • Provide and install (N) Powerex Rotary Tooth Air Compressor System (Model AES-MDRCO507-VFD)
    • Powerex MDRC05074FA5 Submittal Information.pdf
    • Duplex 50HP Powerex Rotary Tooth Laboratory Air System.
    • 67-207 SCFM @ 100 PSIG each compressor.
    • Specification and data sheets attached.
    • Complete electrical POC including:
      • 120 VAC power connection to master control panel
      • 3 Phase main power to each compressor unit, with appropriate branch circuit protection and service disconnect.
      • Power wire for air receiver automatic drain to be connected to master control panel.
      • Control signal wiring between master panel and each compressor unit including (2) (N) electrical buckets and breakers.
    • Complete plumbing POC
      • Interconnecting piping connections between each compressor, receiver tank, and dryer skid.
      • Final laboratory air system POC.
    • System test
    • Demo and remove temporary laboratory air system.


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