Stanford Fairchild Laboratory Compressed Air System Upgrade


AES Group, Inc. had the opportunity to upgrade the (E) Powerex 20HP Enclosed Scroll Model SEQ200740AJ, installed in 2011, with a (N) Powerex 40HP Enclosed Scroll Model EEO4007-HP.

System Benefits

  • Increased system capacity.
  • Installed cross connection allowed the facility to support separate Lab Buildings from a central location for increased overall system reliability.
  • Powerex High Pressure Scroll Optim allowed the facility provide a consistent 100 PSIG discharge pressure to support higher pressure laboratory requirements.

Scope of Work

  • Replaced (E) refrigerated dryer with (N) Powerex Model LDD1008 Duplex Dessicant to support laboratories requiring – 40 degrees Fahrenheit dew point requirements. Allowed the facility to complete recommended preventative maintenance without system shutdown.
  • Relocated the (E) 20HP Powerex Enclosed Scroll to provide additional available capacity and reliability to separate laboratory building.


AES Group looks forward to our next opportunity, to work with you and your team,  providing medical and laboratory vacuum system solutions.

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