Stanford University SOM Dekker Laboratory Vacuum System Installation Project


AES Group, Inc. has been fortunate to complete numerous equipment installations/construction projects at Stanford University throughout the last two decades. This installation, of Dekker Laboratory Vacuum System Model AES-VMX0083MA2-00-DS with a Solberg HV Series Filter, was completed at the School of Medicine Fairchild facility.

The project included installation of a temporary Dekker VMX0103MA1 Lab Vac Pump Skid, along with modifications to existing piping to install a temporary valve location and electrical power, fed from a nearby panel.

Once the temporary system was up and running, AES coordinated and provided demo, rigging and removal of the (E) Dekker Oil-Sealed Liquid Ring Lab Vac System. A new equipment pad was formed, poured and painted.

The new system was rigged, set and anchored and the electrical and plumbing point of connections were completed. Installation of a (N) Solberg HV Series Inlet Filter HV-UL850/1-200C with bypass for service was completed and install of a berm spill protection was added. The project was completed with start-up and testing.

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