Feb 8th – 14th is Cardiac Rehabilitation Week…


Cardiac Rehabilitation Week was founded by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, in 1985,  to focus people’s attention on cardiac rehabilitation and its benefits.  Hospitals and Medical Centers use this holiday to celebrate patients in their recovery and educate others of cardiac diseases and ways to prevent through better life choices.

AES Group celebrates those healthcare facilities and knows the importance of the procedures and lifesaving efforts they offer.  We had the opportunity, in the not too distant past, to do a renovation of an existing IR Cath Lab. We know firsthand, how important all aspects of health care construction are, especially while doing renovations in an active facility.

AES has procedures and protocols that follow all guidelines with respect to Infectious Control and adhering to the OSHPD Codes and Regulations. Maintaining patient privacy, respect to their families, and meeting deadlines is also of utmost importance on these projects; all of which are overseen by our top notch Superintendents and construction crews.

AES Group has completed a plethora of healthcare construction projects throughout the North Bay Area, from Perioperative Lighting Replacements, Foam Fire Suppression Systems and Clinic Expansions along with our many equipment installations (ex. Lab Air System Replacement &  Lab Vacuum System Replacement)

AES is committed to providing the best in healthcare construction and service, so our local hospitals and facilities can offer the very best to those hearts in need.

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